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About Us | Angel Eyes Smoke Shop - Gilbert, AZ

Angel Eyes Smoke Shop is the best smoke and gift shop in Gilbert, AZ! While you have several choices among smoke shops, only Angel Eyes Smoke Shops boasts the full line of tobacco and non-tobacco products available on the market today!

We have been running our smoke shop for over 17 years. Over that time, we have added a full line of alternative smoking products for the smokers who want to smoke but don’t want the health risks associated with it, while also remaining a haven for traditional tobacco smokers!

Electronic cigarettes promise the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette without the harmful carcinogens and secondhand smoke. E cigs are unregulated, so they are not FDA approved, but even medical professionals believe that these devices will serve to help long-term smokers finally break the habit.

You will find all of the accessories you need to give e cigs a try, like electronic cigarette juice, mod kits, and e-liquid. But, at Angel Eyes Smoke Shop, we still sell everything that traditional smokers want and need as well, including vaporizers, vaporizer tools and accessories, grinders, scales, water pipes, hookah pipes, and much more!

If you live in or near Gilbert, swing by Angel Eyes Smoke Shop, and check out our full line of tobacco and non-tobacco products!

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