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If you are a smoker who has tried to quit many times before without success, you should come to Angel Eyes Smoke Shop in Gilbert, AZ and try one of the alternative smoke products we sell here!

Among these products are electronic cigarettes, also known as e cigs. They are battery controlled and shaped to look and feel just like a cigarette. When you inhale the “smoke” from an electronic cigarette, you will swear you are smoking tobacco. Except, what you are actually smoking is a water vapor with varying doses of nicotine which you can choose from.

By smoking electronic cigarettes, you not only are eliminating the harmful toxins contained in traditional tobacco products; you are also sparing those around you of the dangerous secondhand smoke that emanates from tobacco cigarettes. Instead of exhaling smoke, you exhale water vapor that is harmless to you and those around you!

While electronic cigarettes are not designed as a quit smoking aid, many traditional smokers are finding it easier to cut out tobacco altogether by switching to e cigs. That’s why you will find a complete line of the top brands of e cigs and accessories at Angel Eyes Smoke Shop in Gilbert!

You can choose from disposable e cigs or buy a mods kit with a sleek looking rechargeable battery base so that every puff gives you the full body flavor and feel of an actual cigarette! Buy your electronic cigarette juice cartridges here, so you don’t run out of e-juice. You can choose from a number of flavors including menthol or plain tobacco!

Not every smoke shop in Gilbert, AZ sells electronic cigarettes and accessories. That’s what sets Angel Eyes Smoke Shop apart from the competition.

We carry all of the products you need to enjoy traditional and non-traditional smoking! Take a trip to our smoke shop today, and try these new and innovative electronic cigarettes right now!

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