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Hookah tobacco is something that many young Americans are trying these days. Part of the appeal of hookah tobacco is its social allure and the variety of flavors that Shisha or hookah tobacco comes in, which include mint, coconut, chocolate, cherry, and many more.

Though hookah originated nearly 500 years ago in Persia and India, it only first came to the U.S. in the 60s and 70s,. Recently, hookah tobacco has made even more of a comeback primarily on college campuses all over the U.S.

That’s why we sell a full array of hookah products at Angel Eyes Smoke Shop in Gilbert, AZ! You will find beautiful hookah water pipes and a variety of different hookah tobacco flavors at our smoke shop. These traditional hookah products come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

Hookahs are very popular among college age adults, particularly because the water pipes are attached by several smoke hoses so that a group of friends can gather around the hookah water pipe and smoke together! In fact, many hookah lounges are springing up nowadays all over the U.S. where you can drink and smoke hookah tobacco with friends!

While hookah tobacco is making a comeback in the U.S., it should be noted that it is still tobacco even if it is flavored to taste like watermelon. Thus, it carries the same health risks as other tobacco products. Just one hour of hookah smoking has an intake greater than the amount of smoke a pack a day cigarette smoker takes in daily.

Still, at Angel Eyes Smoke Shop, we leave the health concerns up to you! Running a smoke shop, it is our business to provide you with what you want.

That’s why you can choose from many exotically designed hookah water pipes and flavorful hookah tobacco right here in Gilbert! Find just what you are looking for at Angel Eyes Smoke Shop in Gilbert, AZ today!

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